Thursday, November 27, 2008

Another Thanksgiving

It's now Thanksgiving 2008. At least for a few more hours. I've decided on this day to try my hand at blogging. This was inspired by my sister's suggestion that I write a bit about a Thanksgiving 13 years ago. I didn't expect to be able to come up with anything as I've suffered from writer's block (more like writer's paralyzing lethargy) for most of those 13 years. Much to my surprise a poem began to form, and in minutes it was done. (My sister was kind enough to let it be posted as a guest blog on her site, Just Another Clay Pot.) That's the way it used to be for me. A word, a suggestion, a picture - then the poetry would begin to flow. There was no stopping it. Then one day - nothing.
This came as a great shock and disappointment to me. Writing had been my therapy, a release of emotions and thoughts that helped me heal. My relationship with God was expressed, His love for me was shared. I was confused, but not lost, by the change. It would have been easy to feel that He was no longer working in me, but He moved me in other directions instead. Recently I was talking to a friend and fellow photographer and she had experienced a similar phenomenon. She suggested that perhaps we had needed the writing to work through the darkness inside, then we moved to being able to express ourselves and grow through capturing images outside of ourselves. I like that, but I also want to be writing again.
So, this will be that effort. I will write my thoughts, prayers, poetry of the past, and hopefully poetry of the future. This Thanksgiving is winding down. It's nearly tomorrow. On that tomorrow I will tell more of the story behind the poem. Here goes... well, hopefully something.

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